Connecting you

to The Internet of things
using Augmented Reality

Who is Ubleam ?

Parallels worlds do exists. You just have to open the right doors to enter in. These doors are bleams, smart logos designed for you that simply have to be scanned with a smartphone or another device with Ubleam app to enter into a new virtual dimension.

These smart logos offer unlimited applications within numerous markets as industry, customer relationship or corporate communication. Connected to an IOT platform, bleams offer to users a powerful tool able to adapt itself to customer's needs. This platform connects to customized services that has no limits but your imagination.

Mixing high technology and strong marketing requirements, the bleam won't fail to impress you...


Imagine a world where items of everyday life - like household electrical goods, clothes or a biscuit packet - are connected in augmented reality. They enter into a new dimension firmly oriented towards custommer's needs who become prosumer…


With the bleam, factories and professional spaces instantly become interactive. Every intervention like maintenance, production or logistics become simple and reliable.
Through its possibilities of cutomization, Ubleam's solution enables technicians to be immersed in his professional field. Once scanned, the belam is going to aggregate all informations on an asset and displays documentations, stock statement or generates a maintenance report. Industrials can now see life in bigger and boost their efficiency.


With the bleam, you simply introduce the digital in every day life of your company.
Make your communication media more dynamic or bring interactive guidance into your building are just a small part of applications, just like the BleamCard : the first ever business card in augmented reality !
Finally a fun way to welcome your customers and to bring services to your team.

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